Spring Toast with Elly Curshen Super Seed Topper


Serves 4



Toasted sourdough

250g cream cheese
Cornish Sea Salt Salt & Peppery OR Super Seed Topper

½ bag of rocket
1 pack asparagus
100g sugar snap peas
Small handful of pumpkin seeds
Olive oil to drizzle
Rocket pesto


Packed with veggies and super simple to make, this Spring Toast recipe is perfect for a working lunch in the garden to full you with green goodness topped with our Super Seed Topper or classic Salt & Peppery blend.


Toast your sourdough - for maximum flavour, lightly drizzle with olive oil and gently griddle. Meanwhile mix your cream cheese with your seasoning of choice, then slather generously on the toast. 

Blanch your greens for 30 seconds then plunge into cold water so as not to overcook & keep them vibrantly green. 

Without too much thought, layer the toasts with the veg until packed & high! Drizzle with olive oil, pumpkin seeds & rocket pesto – (see dressings recipe!)

For an extra kick of pepper, swap out the Super Seed Topper by Elly Curshen for our Salt & Peppery blend.

Enjoy immediately!

Super Seed Topper

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