Christmas cooking with Cornish Sea Salt available at Sainsbury's

'Tis the Sea for Christmas cooking with Cornish Sea Salt. We're curated some of our favourite Christmas recipes using all the sea salt that are available at Sainsbury's.

Whether you're looking for the perfect Christmas side dish, or maybe a post-christmas dish with a twist, we have you covered. All flavoured up with our sea salt and seasoning blends. 

First up is Crispy pigs gnocchi cheese recipe 👀 🤤 Our smoked Cornish Sea Salt flakes into the Colemans cheese sauce is our secret weapon in this festive creation, We. Are. Obsessed. 

Why not try these Glazed Carrots 🥕 with our Smoked Cornish Sea Salt which is available at Sainsburys. 

A Christmas classic. We've create this bread sauce recipe, but does it taste the same if you use Oat milk and Oat cream instead of cows milk & cream? Head to the video on Instagram to find out.

For a festive treat, why not try these Biscotti of dreams! ⭐️ Using our Cornish Sea Salt flakes for pops of insane flavour. Full recipe here or watch the video on Instagram.

You can shop our Sea Salt Crystals, Sea Salt Flakes, Smoked Sea Salt Flakes, Really Garlicky seasoning blend and Salt & Peppery at Sainsburys in store and online