Seasoned greetings from Cornish Sea Salt


With Christmas fast approaching, you may be on the lookout for simple and tasty ideas for your festive menu. Look no further! With our super salty flakes and crystals, and our simple seasoning blends, we’ve taken the fuss out of cooking but definitely not any of the flavour. For less salt and more flavour, check out some of these seriously delicious seasonal seafood ideas that are bound to impress your guests!

'Seacuterie' wreath

Who doesn’t love a festive wreath? But instead of the kind you hang on your door, how about this take on charcuterie, with a 'seacuterie' wreath. This showstopper is perfect for sharing over the festive season and can be adapted depending on your favourite seafood.



Spicy margarita prawn cocktail

A spicy, boozy twist on the classic starter. We’ve kept the tails on the prawns for presentation but you can use shelled prawns if you prefer.

These bite-sized buns have a delicious dill and mustard pastry shell and can be baked the day before if you want to get ahead. Refresh in a hot oven before slicing and serving. You can also prepare the filling the day before.


This recipe serves 4 as a starter but it’s easy to scale up if you’re catering for more. Swap the crusty bread for fries if you’re serving for two as a main course, if you like.


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