Made By The Sea


Harvested from

The purest Atlantic waters

Cornish Sea Salt is harvested fresh from the sea, just eight metres from our salt house. The combination of the purest waters and The Lizard’s rare geology give our salt a complexity and intensity of flavour, as well as a mineral richness that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.


The process is simple: we use 15,000 tonnes of fresh seawater each day, and from this, only half a percent of salt is harvested and the rest is returned to the sea. Our impact on the environment is zero.

We have developed low-impact, pioneering technology to filter the seawater and remove impurities. The resulting blend of sea minerals create a saturated brine then moves to crystallisation rooms where, based on traditional Iron Age methods, it is poured into huge vats and gently heated.

The addition of heat onto the concentrated brine is when the magic happens. Salt crystals begin to form on the surface of the water and either drop to the bottom as crystal shapes for our crunchy Cornish Sea Salt Original or, in shallower tanks, the salt forms pyramids on the surface to create our more delicate Cornish Sea Salt Flakes.

It takes an expert team to gauge the right moment to hand harvest, dry and package the salt crystals on a journey which begins in Cornish waters and ends in the kitchens of cooks, chefs and food lovers from all over the world.

Across our entire collection we source luxury ingredients from all over the world, taking care to trial, blend and perfect the perfect seasonings.