Sea Salt Differently


Taste, Health, Provenance

Sea Salt Differently

We didn’t invent Cornish Sea Salt. It has always been here: in the curl of the Cornish wave, the barrels of the pilchard industry and on the gorse fires of the Iron Age settlers.


But we do want to reinvent the way you see salt. Our aim is simply to share our excitement and passion for how to use one of the planet’s most versatile and valuable resources.

You care about your health and you care about the taste of your food. Table salt has its place in the cupboard but we also know that cheaper salt has additives and has been stripped of a lot of its mineral content.

The alchemy of sea salt has taken us back in time and around the World to rediscover the techniques. Our sea salt is packed to the lid with essential minerals. In fact, our salt retains so much of the good stuff from the sea that you can use 30% less to get the same impact of flavour.

But do you know your flakes from your crystals? Did you realise that salt is actually good for you? And can you describe an artisan salt in the same way you talk about a glass of fine wine?

And that’s why we’re here – we can shout about health, sustainability and a sprinkle of that Cornish je ne sais quoi, but most importantly, we want to teach you the secrets of salt.

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