Buffalo Halloumi with Hot Sauce Butter


15-20 mins

Serves 4-6



2 blocks of halloumi
2 eggs, beaten
100g Panko breadcrumbs
50g plain flour - seasoned with Cornish Sea Salt BBQ Smokey Salt
50g salted butter
100ml hot sauce
200ml vegetable oil for frying



Slice the halloumi into 1/2cm pieces. Dip into seasoned flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs, ensuring even coverage. Double coat if needed.
Using a preheated deep fat fryer or oil in a shallow pan, fry until golden and crispy. Remove and place on a sheet of kitchen roll to drain off excess oil.
In a separate pan, melt the butter and add in hot sauce for a warm, spicy accompaniment.
Season the hot crispy halloumi with additional BBQ Smokey Salt.
For a sticky, Nashville style version, toss the halloumi in the hot sauce before serving.

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