Meet the team: Export Sales Executive Ottie Skewes

Our Export Sales Executive and gig-rowing queen, Ottie, gives us a glimpse into her life in Cornwall.
Tell us about your role at Cornish Sea Salt

I’m an Export Sales Executive which means that I do just about everything to do with our international trade and export. I’ve been here nearly 4 years and it’s been really exciting to see how we have grown internationally – we’re all over the world now!

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy going to the international trade shows, it’s always good fun to get out and meet people face to face. I spend a lot of my time spreading the word about Cornish Sea Salt to wholesalers and suppliers in the international territories that I look after and maintaining great relationships with our international clients. It’s a good feeling to know that we have such a big network across the world and that all of it comes back to my desk in our office in Gweek.

Do you have a favourite sea salt to use at home?

I use the flakes the most at home because they’re so versatile. The Chilli Hit is a big favourite too, I put it on all sorts and always have a pot of it on my desk ready to jazz up my lunch.

It’s been interesting to see how the different varieties have been received internationally; the Flakes are really popular, particularly in Scandinavia, whereas buyers in the Middle East, particularly Kuwait, seem to go to for the Crystals (Original).

What are your hobbies?

I love being outside – when I’m not at work I’m usually out with the dogs, in the garden, cycling or sailing. A really big part of my life is gig rowing; I’m a member of the Helford River Gig Club and have been gig rowing since 2005. It’s great for fitness and of course the social side is brilliant – we’re lucky on the Helford to have a few waterside pubs to call in at on the way back to the club house! This year was my 13th year attending the World Pilot Gig Championships.

What makes the World Gig Rowing Championship such a special event?

Who wouldn’t want to compete in a world championship?! It’s a great weekend on the Isles of Scilly, and you get a real mix of people there because the sport is accessible for all walks of life. The gig rowing community is quite a small one, even though it’s international, so you see a lot of the same people every year which makes for some really fun parties. Plus, the Scillies are beautiful, so it’s a nice place to spend the long weekend.

After a big rowing session, what is the best thing to eat?

A good portion of fish and chips by the water is a club favourite! Rowing is really tiring so it’s a good reason to fuel up on proper food, especially carbs. If we aren’t eating as a team, I’ll pop a jacket potato in the oven before I go out for training then come home and have it with some beans and cheese, or some smoked mackerel and cream cheese.

Which part of Cornwall do you find the most beautiful?

I grew up in North Cornwall so have very fond memories of the north coast – it’s really different to the south coast where I live now. I’ve always been more of a coastal person than a beach person.  The moorland in the middle of the county gets overlooked by a lot of visitors, it’s really wild and beautiful, a great place to go for big walks and a pint in a nice pub.

Now I live on the Lizard and am more of a southern bird. The Helford is where we row and the area around it, north and south sides, are where I spend a lot of my time.