Cornish Sea Salt Introduce Guest Collections

The nation’s fastest growing favourite salt brand Cornish Sea Salt launch their first in a soon-to-be series of guest collaborations, with cook, author and columnist Elly Curshen.

Known virtually as Elly Pear, Elly has become the go-to cook and recipe developer for seasonal meat-free dishes with three best-selling cookery books under her apron. A long-time fan of Cornish Sea Salt this collaboration was an opportunity for Elly to create one of her favourite store cupboard staples that adds instant flavour to any dish.

Introducing the Super Seed Topper

Taking inspiration from the beloved ‘Everything Bagel’ and its namesake seasoning mix in the US, Cornish Sea Salt have blended their most-loved Smoked Sea Salt Flakes with dried onion, garlic and seeds creating an easy-to-use ode to the flavoursome hero.

“We have created something I’ve wanted for so long; a blend of seeds, dried onion, dried garlic and smoked sea salt. I’ve been mixing this blend for years, to use in all sorts of dishes, and now it’s ready-blended for you (and me!) and allergen-free” Elly Curshen

This blend is truly an all-rounder for any level of experience from chefs to novice cooks. Cornish Sea Salt’s Smoked Salt brings full-body seasoning while golden linseeds, nigella and poppy seeds add texture and dried onion and garlic add a depth of flavour. Even the simplest of dishes will be transported to new heights. Sides like Roast Potatoes or sautéed greens are instantly elevated and a sprinkling on even the humblest of breakfasts, like a boiled egg & soldiers, with brighten any morning.

All the Flavour with less sodium

Cornish Sea Salt is rich in over 60 minerals, including magnesium and calcium that help to bring out the flavour in food in a truly incredible way. It’s this abundance in minerals, drawn from the unique properties of Cornwall’s grade A purity seawater on the Lizard Peninsular that gives the brand its elevated taste profile - delivering maximum flavour with naturally occurring sodium levels that are lower than table salt.

“I love that Cornish Sea Salt put flavour first and are constantly reimaging what a salt blend can be. I’m excited to be able to make something I’ve dreamed of for years a reality with their expertise” Elly Curshen.

Cornish Sea Salt Managing Director, Philip Tanswell said: “This interesting seedy blend using our oak, apple and cherrywood smoked sea salt is a tasty addition to our seasonings collection to start the year, and with 2021 food trends suggesting our eating habits will lean heavily towards a vegetarian lifestyle, we’re excited to be working with Elly and her expertise on our first Guest Collection.”

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