Cornish Sea Salt 2021 Food Trends

Seaweed Jerky & Vegetable Charcuterie, Pimping Pantry Staples and Fakeaways are just a few of Cornish Sea Salt and Development Chef, James Strawbridge's Food Trend predictions for 2021.

The impact of Covid19 has hugely inspired the 10 food trend predictions we will see emerging this year within the food industry and for consumers, as predicted by The Cornish Sea Salt team together with Development Chef, James Strawbridge.

Awareness of food shortages, panic buying, and sustainability have inspired a new wave of plant-based food trends. Innovative vegan charcuterie and the concept of zero waste cookery have led the charge.

James Strawbridge said, "Next year brings hope where there has been despair, community to replace loneliness and isolation and a focus on health to strengthen our immunity. For most of us, this last year has been one to forget but I think there have been many valuable lessons that I hope we hang onto. The impact of Covid19 has hugely inspired the food trend predictions for 2021."

Here's a preview of some of the food trends predicted for 2021:

1. Seaweed Jerky & Vegetable Charcuterie 

Using fermented gut-loving bacteria and dry curing to preserve vegetable treats will replace processed meat snacks, creating an umami rich food that’s low in fat and artificial preservatives but high in flavour and minerals.

2. Pimping Pantry Staples

Get ready to ‘fire up’ store cupboard staples alongside your basics and use products like ‘smoked sea salt’ alongside your normal sea salt to add an applewood smoked depth of flavour to dishes.

3. Fakeaways

Fakeaways will continue to gain in popularity allowing the home cook to have
more choice and options to cook their own takeaways at home. Meal kits with authentic blends will allow proper tasty seasonings that capture the taste of travel when you stay at home.

Download and view the full 2021 Food Trends here.