Choose Flavour This Salt Awareness Week

Chances are, the last 12 months have seen you spend more time in your kitchen than ever before. The pandemic has put home-cooking into the spotlight, giving us more time to hone our skills and become seasoning experts. This Salt Awareness Week we’re talking about the importance of sea salt as part of a healthy diet, and how you can use it to reduce your salt intake.

Not All Salt is Made Equal

It’s estimated that just 15% of the salt we consume comes from seasoning our own cooking at home- processed foods, takeaways and pre-made sauces make up the majority- so it’s important to understand that not all salt is made equal. We’re working closely with product developers and tech teams behind the scenes in the food manufacturing industry to improve the way these high-salt items are made- introducing Cornish Sea Salt in a range of processed foods to enhance flavour but reduce sodium, which is good news all round.

While reducing our salt intake should start in these places, we can still alter the way we season when cooking from scratch, too. There are two reasons Cornish Sea Salt is so special when it comes to seasoning at home.

Just a Pinch

The first is its unique salty flavour- you can use an average of 30% less when cooking and still reap the flavour-enhancing benefits. Cornish Sea Salt is naturally lower in sodium per gram than other salts, which makes it a double winner in a move towards a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t compromise on taste. Your trusty tub will make you a seasoning pro with every pinch, adding a depth of flavour to your dishes and letting the ingredients shine.

The Science

The second is all about mineral profile.

Cornish Sea Salt is a raw, unprocessed sea salt, which means it hasn’t been stripped of its natural mineral content (in the way table salt is). In fact, Cornish Sea Salt is unique because it contains more than 60 minerals that aren’t lost in the journey between our salt house and your kitchen. The most important of these minerals are calcium, magnesium and potassium. You may already know why calcium is important, but the other two are less understood, and just as vital to our health.

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for our wellbeing. It helps to regulate muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and can even impact our sleep- yet it’s one of the most common mineral deficiencies in adults. Potassium is necessary for the function of our cells and can even help to regulate our heartbeat.

So, when we season with Cornish Sea Salt, not only are we reducing our sodium intake by using less salt, but we’re also helping our body replace essential nutrients that are vital to our wellbeing.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve created a whole bunch of ways to pack flavour into your cooking.

Our Simple Seasoning range combines our mineral-rich sea salt with herb and spice blends to help you pack in the flavour. Whether you’re chilli-obsessed, need that umami kick or can’t get enough garlic, we’ve got a ready-made blend to help make your home cooking the tastiest it can be, without piling on the salt.

Let’s use Salt Awareness Week to enhance flavour with less salt.