Crystals or Flakes? Learn which to use and become a salt geek seasoning pro!

By now you know there’s no seasoning quite like Grade A sea salt to take your home-cooking to *chefs kiss* level. But do you know when you should be crunching the crystals or pinching the flakes?

One strong and intense, the other subtle and melt-on-the-tongue, these are two store-cupboard seasoning staples that deserve to be used right!

What’s the difference?

Both harvested from Cornish waters, both packed with over 60 minerals, both essential to perfect seasoning. Read on to find out how and when you should use our core range in your kitchen.


Our original crunchy sea salt crystals are packed with salty flavour and texture. They’re perfect for packing a punch to sweet treats such as brownies, caramel and ice cream, with their chunky texture bringing bursts of rich saltiness in each bite. They’re also great for making crunchy homemade breadcrumbs, or for seasoning veggies before roasting. Crystals hold their form well, unlike flakes, so if you want your seasoning to have some bite, think crystals!

Use Cornish Sea Salt Crystals for…

-Salting your pasta water before boiling

-Giving all-important crunch to those perfect roast potatoes

-Adding that finishing touch to anything chocolatey!



Melty and mineral-rich, flakes are on hand for a more delicate seasoning that enhances the flavours of your dish. A sprinkle into sauces, marinades and stews gives a balanced saltiness, while a pinch or two on meat or fish just before cooking imparts a more subtle salty flavour than their zesty crystal counterpart. Flakes are also the ideal finishing salt, ready to pep up your eggs or avocado on toast and draw all that tasty sweetness from your tomatoes. If a melt-on-the-tongue seasoning is what you’re after, a pinch of flakes is always a winner!

Use our flaky sea salt for…

-Seasoning on the table or just before serving

-Giving a finishing touch to homemade bread moments before baking

-Crunching onto hot chips or homemade crisps


So there we have it- are you ready to take to the kitchen and become a seasoning pro? Let us know whether you prefer cooking with crystals or flakes, and stay tuned for more recipes that’ll show you how to use both.

Pick up your seasoning staples at Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons, or on our website.