Cornish Sea Salt Company Ltd

Salt & Peppery - 60g

We don’t want to brag, but we think it’s the pimento pepper that really makes our Salt & Peppery blend. It’s all about the fine detail and that’s why we’ve meticulously mixed up a blend of sea salt with cracked black peppercorns, red pepper and green peppercorn and not forgetting the pimento. Why settle for the same old ground black pepper and table salt when you can do so much better? We’ve done a lot, lot better for you.

Our 60g pot is perfectly sized to take centre stage on your dining table or to pack away with a summer picnic.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Crushed Black Peppercorn, Red Pepper, Cracked Green Peppercorn, Pimento. 


*We don't believe in waste, so you may receive previous style packaging with fresh contents.

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Pinch tips

  • Use as a luxury replacement for ordinary salt and pepper with all the convenience of one pinch
  • Great as a seasoner in salad dressings and marinades
  • Spice up your roast, especially chicken
  • Adds extra seasoning to soups and stews
  • Makes fantastic roast potatoes
  • Salt and pepper squid or tofu with a difference