Cornish Sea Salt Company Ltd

Smoky Paprika Sea Salt | 55g

Our famous Smoked Sea Salt Flakes have been blended with a smoked paprika blend for the ultimate smoky seasoning that packs in the flavour with every pinch.

Smoked Paprika is found in most kitchen cupboards, which is why we have created our own smoked paprika seasoning. This blend is perfect for adding depth and colour to dishes with just a sprinkle- it’s especially good on potato wedges or homemade smoky beans on toast! 

Ingredients: Smoked Sea Salt, Ground Spices [Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Chilli], Demerara Sugar, Garlic Granules, Roasted Onion Granules, Dried Red Bell Pepper, Yeast Extract, Paprika Flakes, Applewood Smoked Rice Flour.


*We don't believe in waste, so you may receive previous style packaging with fresh contents.


Pinch tips

  • Stir In – Make homemade beans with a twist. Add a good pinch with any tinned beans, chopped tomatoes and create smoky beans on toast
  • Sprinkle Over – Homemade wedges just got better. Sprinkle generously and bake until golden perfection
  • Rub On – Add a depth of flavour to your favourite meat or veg for a simple mid-week meal. Chuck it all in one pan into the oven with plenty of veg – job done!