Savoy & Sweet Potato Hash


60 mins

Serves 3-4



½ Savoy cabbage
2 sweet potatoes
1 tbsp fresh coriander, roughly chopped
1 red onion, finely sliced
2 cloves of garlic, finely sliced
4 poached eggs (optional)
1 block feta (optional)
1 tsp Cornish Sea Salt BBQ Smokey Salt
Pinch of Cornish Sea Salt Flakes



Roast the sweet potatoes whole at 180˚C for 45 minutes. When roasted, slice in half and scoop out the softened insides. Try to keep the skins undamaged – we will use these again in a minute.
Finely slice the Savoy cabbage, garlic and red onion (you could use half fresh red onion and half Pickled Pink Onions).
Roughly dice the roasted sweet potato and fry with the cabbage, garlic, red onion, BBQ salt and coriander. Crumble in the feta, if using.
Refill the potato skins with the sweet potato and cabbage mixture, a sprinkle of coriander and a pinch of Cornish Sea Salt Flakes.
Add a poached egg for extra deliciousness.

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