Paul A Young's Hot Chocolate





500ml water
40g unrefined light muscovado sugar
30g cocoa powder
150g dark chocolate 70% or above
1tsp of Cornish Sea Salt (smoked salt with a dash of whisky is amazing)


If you love chocolate, you’ve probably heard all about chocolatier, Paul A Young, already. We were delighted to welcome Paul to the Cornish Sea Salt club when he made the decision to move to us as his salt supplier, for the first time in 13 years. Based in Soho, he’s creating some of the most exciting flavour combinations we’ve ever come across. Here's his recipe for, quite simply, one of the BEST hot chocolates, we've ever tried!



Bring the water and sugar to the simmer, add the cocoa and simmer for 2 minutes then add the chocolate. Whisk well and heat until smooth and glossy.

Simmer gently for 3 to 4 minutes. If you prefer your hot chocolate even more thick and glossy simply add more chocolate. Add a pinch of Cornish Sea Salt to experience hot chocolate the sweet and salty way.

Paul’s hot chocolate secrets:

Replace a quarter of the water with liqueur for hot chocolate with a kick.

Serve with a large spoon of thick double cream and Paul’s chocolate pearls for the alternative chocolate dessert.

Serve over ice with a grating of lemon zest for a refreshing summer drink.

Make the recipe as above and store in the refrigerator for up to two days so enjoying this special hot chocolate recipe could not be any easier. Simply warm through in a saucepan and serve.

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