Homemade or Frozen chips seasoned with either Chicken Chip Salt blend or Piri Piri Chip Salt


Serves 4



Frozen chips of choice
OR Potatoes
Olive Oil
Cornish Sea Salt Chicken Chip Salt seasoning blend
Cornish Sea Salt Piri Piri Chip Salt seasoning blend


The NEW Chip Salt blends are the perfect seasoning to create tasty chips, fries or wedges. The chicken salt blend offers the meaty flavours whilst being vegetarian and vegan friendly, whilst the Piri Piri blend packs in all the punchy, spices, herbs and smoky flavours.


  1. If you’re using frozen chips, follow the packet instructions of your chosen frozen chips, we’ve used crinkle cut chips here for added texture. Then for the perfect chips, simply sprinkle either the Chicken Chip Salt or Piri Piri Chip Salt seasoning blend all over and cook either in the oven or air fryer until golden brown and finish with an extra pinch for added flavour.
  2. Similarly if you’re making homemade wedges, part-boil the potatoes then lay out on a baking tray with a glug of olive oil and a good pinch of your chosen chip salt blend. Cook until golden and finish with some extra seasoning.

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