English Garden Cooler


10 mins

Serves 1



Organic cucumber

2 parts: pear or apple juice

1 part: Tarquins Gin

Fresh coriander

Cornish Sea Salt Flakes

English rose petals

Fresh lime


Fresh, Green and Ginny! This salty summer cooler will have your guests waltzing on the lawn in no time.


  • Fuse fresh Cornish Sea Salt Flakes, harvested straight from the ocean, with fragrant rose petals in a pestle and mortar.
  • Rub a little lime around the rim of the glass and then place the glass in the salt/rose mixture.
  • Fill your glass with ice.
  • Pop gin, cucumber, a small sprig of coriander and your fruit juice into a blender and blitz for a few seconds.
  • Strain the blended mixture with a sieve.
  • Slowly pour it over the ice and garnish with a fresh coriander.
  • Voila, summer in a glass (yes we know it's October)!

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