Making Cornish Sea Salt – It’s a Science


On the surface, creating Cornish Sea Salt might seem pretty simple – pop some sea water under some heat and voila! Well actually, we’ve spent years experimenting to get the right environment for our unique sea salt crystals to form, tweaking and evolving our processes to create our hero sea salt crystals, and developing the process further to form our beautiful sea salt flakes: in a completely natural environment with zero chemicals.


In our Salt House at Pol Gwarra, we create just the right mineral conditions for our sea salt crystals and flakes to form using only sea derived electrolytes. We’ve travelled the world to find the right natural sea salts, to enrich our Cornish sea water brines, to allow different structures of crystals to form and be coated by the 60 minerals unique to our Cornish coast. You won’t find a taste like that anywhere else in the world.

But it’s not just the one mineral profile we use in our brine. Each of our sea salt recipes has its own mineral profile to create different types of flakes and crystals. Whilst the molecular structure might differ depending on the brine we use; our unrivalled Cornish sea mineral taste remains the same.

Next, we gently draw the sea salt crystals out of the tanks with traditional hand harvesting methods. Ever wondered why we refer to our sea salt as diamonds? At this stage of the process, as the Cornish sea minerals coat each individual flake, they quite literally sparkle with electrolytes.

Good things come to those who wait…and this is worth waiting for. We let our sea salt air dry, over 60 minerals laminating each individual crystal and flake. Once they’re fully and beautifully formed, we screen them by eye for their pure white colour, large, delicate flakes and crumbly structure.

From the Salt House in Pol Gwarra, it’s on to our Head Office in Gweek, where our sea salt can take many different forms: blended into seasonings, crystals, flakes and more! Packed by our 20 strong team of locals, some who have been with us here at Cornish Sea Salt right from the beginning, we set our little pots off on their journey across the UK and the rest of the world.