Cornish Sea Salt wins the Queen’s Award!


It’s not every day that the Queen says ‘well done’ but we’re absolutely delighted that she’s recognised us for outstanding growth in our international exports. That’s right – Cornish Sea Salt is winging its way across the world and some countries can’t get enough of us!

The Queen’s Award is the highest official award for UK businesses and recognises excellence in international trade, innovation, sustainable development and promotion of opportunities for social mobility.

Queen's Award

Our exports have increased by 552 % in the last three years and our sea salt is now delivered to a total of 33 countries, including the United Emirates, parts of Asia and even as far away as Australia!

A growing awareness of the health benefits of natural salt in Scandinavia makes us one of the most popular salt products in the region, particularly in Sweden. We’re also working hard to start supplying Chinese supermarkets after their state monopoly ends in 2017.

Queen's Award

The world view on salt is shifting and we’re lucky enough to be able to supply the new global demand for a product that we passionately believe in. Cornish Sea Salt retains up to sixty natural minerals after harvesting, some of which are vital to human health and wellbeing.

Even here in the UK, supermarkets are beginning to understand that a natural salt is a healthier salt and our sea salt is now being used as an ingredient in ready meals, ice cream and desserts.

Cornish Sea Salt is a part of the Provenance Brands family which includes the hugely popular Great British Crisp Company and the newest member of the group: Living Sea Therapy, a marine skin care range which capitalises on the huge benefits of the sea for both body and mind. The range launches in May – watch this space for more details!

Mark Sullivan, Chairman of Provenance Brands commented that: “We’re delighted with the award. Our growth is credited to working closely with distributors, harnessing the growing appetite for a quality British product internationally and the desire to use a healthy salt. Cornish Sea Salt is well on course to being known as the best British Sea Salt internationally.

A big thank you to all of our customers, because without you, this could never have happened!

Queen's Award