Chickens before eggs! We chat to St Ewe about what makes the perfect egg


Rebecca Tonks, one of the founders of St Ewe Eggs, joined us recently on location for a morning of delicious cookery and photography, where her hens’ eggs were the star ingredients. We talked to her about the life of a St Ewe hen and what it is that makes their eggs taste and look so good.

Tell us about why St Ewe eggs are so good

In St Ewe’s case, the chicken definitely comes first! Welfare, nutrition and care of our hens is key. We have a specialist and unique feed of locally sourced raw materials. This ensures the hens have the right mix of minerals and vitamins. Our hens have plenty of space to range and they range very well making sure they are exposed to the natural elements. All of this combined is what makes a St Ewe egg taste different to the rest.   

We love the classic combination of a hard boiled egg and Cornish Sea Salt Flakes. How do you combine Cornish Sea Salt with St Ewe eggs? 

We’ve always enjoyed Cornish Sea Salt simply sprinkled over scrambled eggs or a pinch of the Salt & Peppery with a boiled egg at lunchtime. For a casual family supper, ham, egg and chips is a favourite.

Recipes featuring St Ewe eggs can be found in SEASONED: ISSUE 2, and in the recipe section of our website.