Korean Chicken Wings with Garlic Salt





300ml buttermilk
1 kg of chicken wings
3 tsps of Cornish Sea Salt Chilli Hit
400g of cornflower
70g plain flour
600ml of vegetable oil
2 tsps of gochujang
2 tbsps of soy
2 tsps of garlic Cornish sea salt
1 tbsp of sesame oil
3 tsps of dark soft brown sugar
2 limes
3 Spring onions, thinly sliced
2 tbsps sesame seeds


Try these Korean Chicken Wings seasoned with Cornish Sea Salt Really Garlicky, served with Korean Grains by Merchant Gourmet for a dinner party feast.


If you have time, marinate the chicken wings in the buttermilk and Cornish Sea Salt Chilli Hit overnight, or for a few hours to let the flavours infuse.

Use a deep sided medium pan and add the vegetable oil. Gently heat to 150/170c or test with a bit of batter to see if it fries. You don’t want it on a very high heat where the oil starts smoking.

Wipe the buttermilk off the chicken and toss in the cornflower and plain flour mix. Gently fry for 20 mins until golden and cooked through. Best to fry the chicken in small batches so there is space around each wing to crisp. Repeat until all cooked and test one to see if its cooked through. 

While your wings are cooking make the sauce. Add all the remaining ingredients to a small saucepan, including Cornish Sea Salt Really Garlicky, and heat up until the sugars have dissolved and it’s thickened slightly. You want a tomato ketchup consistency. (*If you don't have gochujang, sriracha chili sauce will also work*)

Toss your fried chicken in the sauce and finish some big squeezes of lime and top with some sesame seeds and spring onions.

Great served with some Merchant Gourmet Korean Grains and add any chopped salad you like to the grains and a big dollop of plain yogurt.

Cornish Sea Salt Really Garlicky blend also available in Sainsbury's & Waitrose.


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